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Schutt ION 4D Football Helmet (excluding Faceguard)

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The Schutt ION 4D™ is unlike any helmet that’s ever been designed before. The sleek, aggressive styling of the shell includes the Schutt Energy Wedge Faceguard attachment system. The faceguard is integrated right into the shell and is stronger and more durable than classic faceguards! The ION 4D also features TPU cushioning it eliminates any break-in period and makes it the most comfortable helmet you’ll ever wear – right out of the box!

Tests Don’t Lie
In head-to-head testing at 105 degree by an independent research lab the  TPU cushioning inside the ION 4D dramatically out performed the bonnet system in the Xenith X1. In fact, the Xenith X1 absorbed 42% less impact than the ION 4D.

-Xenith X1: 42% Less Impact Absorbed Than AiR XP

TPU Cushioning System
We introduced Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) Cushioning to football in 2003, with the advent of the DNA Pro. Six years later, now in its third generation, TPU Cushioning remains the best performing padding system in football today. In game-like conditions, the ION 4D outperform all the other helmets on the field. It’s proven superior to traditional foam padding in game-like conditions: better impact absorption, better heat management and better hygienics. TPU Cushioning won’t take a compression set, won’t break down (even after thousands of impacts) and is resistant to mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria while providing a barrier against MRSA and staph concerns.

Schutt® ION 4D Helmet Sizing Chart

Make sure to watch the Schutt ION 4D Football Helmet Fitting Video for step by step instructions

Size            Head Size          Head Circumference
Small          6 - 6 1/2             19 - 20 1/2"
Medium      6 1/2 - 7              20 1/2 - 22"
Large          7 - 7 1/2             22 - 23 1/2"
X-Large      7 1/2 - 8             23 1/2 -25"

Fitting Instructions

Click here for Schutt Helmet Fitting Booklet