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Schutt 02 Flex QB/WR Shoulder Pads

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You've heard the expression "Light as a feather".  Well, the O2 Flex shoulder pad is the closest shoulder pad to that on the field. Obviously, something as strong and imposing as the O2 Flex is going to weight a bit more than a feather, but it will still makes you think you're not wearing any shoulder pads at all. This pad offers the feel of playing sandlot football but with the protection and performance you need to go one to one with the competition.

O2 Vapor Windows

Working in tandem with the 7mm vent holes the unique o2 Vapor Windows create the vapor release system which enables unrestricted air-flow allowing maximum cool air in and hot air out.

Arch Designs

Four unique arch designs are made for every position on the feel that cater to the player's position and distinctive needs.
Perforated body cushion

Double layered hi-Impact foam provides maximum impact absorption while 5mm perforation in the cushion allows hot air to escape, and cool air to enter

Raised Corrugations

Raised corrugations in the design make the pad stronger while 5mm holes in both the arch and throughout the pad aid in circulating air to keep you cooler.

7MM Vent Holes

7mm vent holes allow cool air in and hot air out reducing fatigue and increasing performance.
3-Point Belt

The 3-point Belt System pulls the arch closer to the body while providing maximum range of motion

Removable Deltoid & Scapula Pads

Deltoid & Scapula pads provide additional protection. You can easily remove them with a couple of screws for added range of motion.

AEGIS anti-microbial

Advanced anti-microbial treatment AEGIS works 24/7 by using negatively charged particles to fight against mold, mildew, fungus and germs. Since it doesn't leach on the skin you won't have to worry about rashes.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Don't worry about rust, as the entire pad features stainless steel hardware and rivets for maximum durability, saving you money in the long run on unnecessary replacement parts.

Flat Pad Design

The flat pad design has no cantilever giving it a lower profile that allows maximum mobility and range of motion.

Removable body cushion

The body cushion can be removed, washed, and air dried so you can keep a clean pad throughout the year

Pre-Drilled Accessory Hook-up

Pre-drilled holes allow easy hook-up for optional accessories such as a back-plate, Rib Protector or neck Roll.

C Channels

Adjustable C-Channels bring the pad off of the A/C Joint eliminating the change of direct impact while helping disperse the energy over a wider area. This design provides maximum mobility while reducing the chance of shoulder injury.

Stainless Steel Hardware

O2 Flex shoulder pads were built with elite athletes in mind, using the best materials and the best design to produce the game's finest shoulder pads.  These pads are Schutt's latest upgrade for the now discontinued Extreme Flex.

AEGIS Anti-Microbial

Exclusive to Schutt, AEGIS® takes anti-microbial agents to the next level. Working 24/7, this rugged germ-fighting agent uses negatively charged anti-microbial particles to fight against an array of bacteria, fungus, germs, and mold. AEGIS® is so effective, it's registered with the EPA.

Additional Features

On all models of O2 Flex shoulder pads, you'll also find the following features and benefits:

   1)    Ventilated arch and sub-arch, to increase air flow
   2)    Removable clavicle channels, for a customized fit
   3)    Dri-Lex® Aerospacer 100 fabric for lightweight ruggedness
   4)    Non cantilever design for a very low profile, flat pad

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